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4 Benefits of Using a Mattress Protector

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When customers buy a new bed set or mattress, one of the very first things any good bedding sales consultant should do, is offer the customer a mattress protector. Most customers immediately just say “NO” and mumble something about spending too much money on the bed already and see the suggestion as a mere upselling tactic. The fact is however that a mattress protector is the most important accessory you should purchase with your new bed.

So right now you’re probably thinking “So, why should I buy a mattress protector?”. Listed below are 4 benefits of using a mattress protector.

1. Keeps your mattress clean

Mattress protectors fit over your mattress pretty much the same as a fitted sheet and are easy to remove and wash. Most mattress protectors are waterproof and if you or your kids accidentally spill some juice, coffee or even food on your mattress, it will not be absorbed by your mattress, thus preventing permanent stains and foul smells over time. And as we all know, accidents do happen! When it does, you can simply wipe the mattress protector, remove and wash it in your washing machine.

2.  Keeps your mattress more hygienic

Inside my mattress

While we sleep we all sweat, produce oil from our skin and shed dead skin cells. All of this can be absorbed by your mattress over time and is usually impossible to clean.

Research suggests that mattresses could contain as much as 4.5kg of dead skin cells and could have absorbed as much as 160L of sweat and other bodily fluids within a period of 8 years. Yes, that sounds pretty gross but using a mattress protector will minimise this drastically and keep your mattress more hygienic for longer.

3. Reduces allergies

Dust mites are microscopic organisms that feed on the dead skin cells absorbed by your mattress. These little organisms can cause allergy-related symptoms such as sneezing, coughing and difficulty breathing. By using a mattress protector and reducing the number of dead skin cells absorbed by your mattress, you will automatically be reducing the number of dust mites as they would have insufficient food sources to live off of and reproduce.

So, if you generally suffer from allergies, especially while you sleep, a mattress protector might just be the cure you have searching for.

4.  Protects your warranty

Most mattress warranties will be void if there are any kind of stains or marks on your mattress. So, whats the use of buying a new mattress with, let say, a 10-year warranty, when it is already void within the first year. Protecting your investment with a mattress protector is, in this case, a no-brainer.


Many people overlook the importance of a mattress protector and only see it as an upselling gimmick. Not using a mattress protector on your bed is pretty much the same as having an expensive new smartphone and not having a protective case or screen guard on it, which I am sure you all have!

Even if you already have a mattress that you have used for a few years, you can still purchase a new mattress protector to prolong the life of your mattress.

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