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Spring or Foam Mattress, Which is Better?

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The one question we get from our customers time and time again is ‘Should I buy a spring or foam mattress?’. Well, let me ask you this… Do you like milk in your coffee and do you take it with or without sugar? The answer to these random questions, which are obviously totally unrelated to the topic, will differ from one individual to the next. This is exactly the case when it comes to choosing either spring- or foam mattress. It will all depend on your individual needs and preferences.

When you start the process of buying a new bed set or mattress, you need to decide if you prefer a soft, medium or firm feel to your mattress. Even if you need a sturdier support structure, it is still possible to get, for instance, a firm mattress core with a specific comfort layer that will give you a plush feel when you lie down on your bed. 

With the evolving technology in the bedding industry, there are so many options available to you. Different support structures can be combined with various top layers to give you just the right feel. The best advice I could give you is to chat with one of our consultants, who will assist you in choosing the best mattress for you!

Spring Mattresses

Spring mattresses or coil mattresses, as some people know it, have definitely stood the test of time as they are reliable and durable and probably the type of mattress that everyone is familiar with. Designs of the inner-spring systems have evolved over the years and now offer the traditional Bonnell Coil, Continuous Coils, Pocket Springs, and then various adaptations to these by different suppliers.

Mattresses with inner-spring support cores are generally cheaper than most foam mattresses, depending on other elements added to the mattress, as they are mass-produced by many well-known brands. Due to the open design, the mattress is breathable, which means that the mattress will generally sleep cooler than a foam mattress. This feature is not always a good thing as this design tends to attract more dust mites over time than all-foam mattresses. 

Traditional structures such as the Bonnell Coil and Continuous Coils do not absorb movement from your partner. This means that if you have a partner who is tossing and turning the whole night, you will not be getting any sleep either. Pocket Springs, on the other hand, are individual coils covered with a fabric pocket (as seen in the image above) and due to their ability to move independently, will eliminate most of the movement.

Generally, springs support systems do not give you the same conforming abilities that foam mattresses do but this can be resolved by choosing a mattress with either memory foam or latex comfort layer.

Foam Mattresses

Inside an all foam mattress

Foam mattresses are generally firmer than their spring counterparts and offer proper posture support, which is perfect if you suffer from backaches or other medical conditions. Cloud Nine, which is one of South Africa’s leading bedding brands, only manufacture foam mattresses which are all endorsed by the Chiropractic Association of South Africa.

Normal foam on its own will generally distribute your body weight evenly, depending on the density. This ability, combined with a preferred comfort layer, will give you proper support and ensure the correct spinal alignment throughout the night.

Foam mattresses absorb movement, meaning no partner disturbance, which a definite plus! Due to the dense construction, dust mites are also less likely to infest your mattress. This will keep your mattress more hygienic for longer.


As mentioned in the intro, there is no right or wrong answer to this frequently asked question. With the facts mentioned above, you might feel that a foam mattress is a more suitable option but this type of mattress has a very unique feel to it that many people just do not like.

If you buy a decent spring mattress, combined with the right comfort layer, you will pretty much get the same support and comfort as with a foam equivalent. 

Decisions, decisions! Yes we know it’s difficult, therefore our expert sales consultants are always just a message or phone call away 🙂

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