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Bunk Beds

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 bunk bed

Bunk beds are way more than just beds on stilts and let’s face it, kids love them. Maybe it’s the feeling of having their own little fort or space to hide and play but either way, it’s definitely an investment to consider.

In most modern houses or flats, rooms tend to be quite a bit smaller than they used to be. Thinking back to my gran’s house, I can still remember the guest room being big enough to have not only fit a big bed, desks, and random little chairs but probably 1 or 2 couches as well. Ok, so maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration because I was so young, but still, it was huge compared to the rooms we see today. And this, my friends, is why bunk beds are a gift from the furniture gods!

When designing your children’s rooms, the main problem we tend to have is creating enough space for them to play and pack their toys, without the space looking too cramped or cluttered. A bunk bed could solve this problem for you, especially if you have little ones sharing a room. With various designs, you can choose between double bunks, tri-bunks  and L-shape bunks, depending on your needs.

So, here’s what you need to know before clicking that ‘buy now’ button

Measure your space

First, you need to get a rough floor plan of all the features you would like to incorporate into the room. Things you need to take into consideration are their play area, where they can pack out their toys and keep themselves entertained, if you need additional storage shelves or if you need additional cupboards or toyboxes in the room. Once you’ve looked at all these options, you need to measure out the space where you plan on putting the bunk bed and compare this to the dimensions of the bunk bed itself.


Consider the age and behaviors of your children

bunk beds with kidsThis is an important point to consider as accidents do happen and obviously we do not want to put our children at risk. Generally, it is recommended that children younger than 6 should not sleep on the top bunk. So, if you have kids sharing a room with siblings older than 6 and another younger, a double bunk will be perfect. For the little adventurers who love jumping off things, thinking they’re Superman, it might be a better idea to give them the bottom bunk 🙂

If you have an older child, you can consider a loft bunk which has a little desk and storage space that they can use to do their homework or work on their art projects.

Then, of course, you might have a little social butterfly whose life revolves around play dates and sleepovers. In that case, a tri-bunk would be the perfect solution. A tri-bunk has a double size bed at the bottom and a single bunk at the top. Some tri-bunks can actually also be converted into a comfy couch which they can use while playing PlayStation, Xbox, or whatever their favorite games are! With a tri-bunk, you would then have space for them to sleep at night and relax during the day, all in one small space.

If you have sufficient space you could consider an L-shape bunk bed, which generally consists of 2 single bunk beds in an L-shape with additional storage space on the side or even space for a little desk, depending on the size of the bunk and the design.


Safety First

Bunk bed safety and of course quality are vitally important. You need to ensure that you have safety features such as guardrails at the top and of course that the bunk bed is durable and sturdy, especially if you plan on making it a long-term feature in their room.


Style and colour

One thing not to forget about would be the style and colour of the bunk bed. To your children, just the idea of a having a bunk bed would be awesome enough no matter the colour! At Beds Online we have a wide variety of colours and finishes to choose from, that will match any colour scheme you choose.



Now that you have the 101 on bunk beds, it’s time to start planning. Important factors to consider are the needs and habits of your children, the design and quality of the bunk bed and the space you have available.

You can thank us later when you’ve convinced your children that you are the best parents in the world for buying them an awesome bunk bed


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