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How to stay warm in bed during the cold winter months

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Those winter nights can be bone-chilling, making you just want to crawl into bed to warm up. If you’re still freezing once you’re there, don’t just lay there shivering! You can keep warm in bed by trying some of the tips below.

Wear loose fitting fleecy pyjamas

Swap out your cool summer PJs for some warm fleecy pajamas. This material is a great heat insulator and will help retain body heat for longer.

Wear socks to bed

Your feet might be one of the coldest parts of your body. To help keep your whole body toasty, keep your feet warm by sleeping in socks. Choose socks that feel comfortable to you. Make sure they’re not too big or floppy. You don’t want them coming off in the middle of the night!

Build a pillow fort

Pillows can also insulate you and keep you warm. Use any extra pillows to pile around you. This barrier will help keep your body heat in.

Use a hot water bottle

Sometimes the most traditional methods still prove to be some of the most effective. Hot water bottles might be considered old-fashioned, but they get the job done.

Place the Hot Water Bottle on a pillow instead of on the mattress itself. Some types of foam, such as memory foam, can be damaged when you put the bottle directly on the bed.

Layer your bedding

Instead of just using one heavy duvet, opt for layers such as a comforter with 1 or 2 blankets on top. This way you can take off a layer or 2 if you get too hot during the night and different layers also provide better insolation.


These are just some of the easiest ways to stay warm on cold winter nights. Hope this helps you get a better night’s rest! Let us know in the comments below if you have any other handy tips to keep warm in bed during winter.

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